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Political and election advertising

Political advertising includes advertising or marketing communications about a political party, representative or candidate, advertising about political issues or issues of public interest

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FB ads & Google Ads political compaign

Bulk Voice Call

Bulk Voice Call for your voter in desire area

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Miss Call Service Help To Collect Data Of your Voter .

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Vedeo Production for your Requirment

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About Political Ads

  • Identify news markets related to the campaign area
  • Identify the target population based on the number of registered voters and the voting history
  • Identify special people who need to be reached, including a few people, rural voters and other minority groups
  • Preparing media programs with a combination of recommended media and budget allocations
  • Negotiation and placement of the media purchase after the approval of the media program
  • Monitor and report the use of competitive funds to ensure effective media inclusion
  • Synchronize and verify media placement to ensure that all purchases are sold / made as set

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Bulk Data All India Base
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Bulk Voice Call
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Degital Marketing
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